About Us

Our society is constantly promoting the message of creating a world where our health and well being should be a priority.
Melbourne and many other cities all over the world show an increase in bike and motorbike users as a means of transport.
The rise in population and the inevitable sharing of roads with other vehicles creates concern for all.

Building awareness by increasing riders visibility on the road is essential. I understand first hand, the trauma, financial loss and injuries which can be endured to individuals and families.

Our company aims, to keep bicycle and motorbike riders as safe as possible on the road, particularly at night. By providing you with new high visibility and attractive clothing we believe riders will become more visible to other road users.

We welcome you to our website where you will see a wide range of polyester tops and vest with registered logos. There are many designs and fabulous colours to choose from.

I have created a product that l believe all bike lovers like myself should wear whilst riding to increase their visibility whilst doing something they enjoy.

By wearing our clothing, you increase your chances of being seen by drivers and creating awareness to all road users.

Look Bike.